Selection Process


15 films will be shortlisted by a
Screening Committee


A panel of 4 judges will pick the winners from 15 shortlisted films. Results will be final and irrevocable.
The 4 confirmed judges are:

  • Genevieve Sarah Loh
  • Josune Hahnheiser
  • Ilango Ram
  • Ryan Taufik


The 15 shortlisted films will be made available on CinemaSHORT On-Demand service on the following streamers for audience to choose their favourite film.

  • Official Regional Streamer | mewatch
  • Official Partner Mobile Streamer | Huawei
  • Official Partner Streamer (Indonesia) | CubMu
  • Official Partner Streamer (Malaysia) | Tonton


Cash Worth

USD $3,000

Sachtler ACE XL System Worth

USD $1,600

Cash Worth

USD $2,000

Cash Worth

USD $2,000

Cash Worth

USD $500

(Max. 4)


Sarah Loh


For me curiosity is key. Watching and making films is a gift. It is a continuous exploration of the world and of us  humans. And the journey never ends. There’s always plenty to discover and learn. My passion is fed by curiosity.”

Genevieve is a veteran journalist and experienced media and communications specialist with a combined 18 years of experience in content creation – on both sides of the editorial/ PR and marketing fence.

You can find her passion for film, entertainment and pop-culture presented across the multiple platforms of digital, television, print, radio and social media where she has consistently delivered engaging and strategic content to target audiences.

Serving as one of Singapore’s foremost film journalists and high-profile movie critics for over a decade, Genevieve is well-known for her in-depth yet fun on camera interviews with international, award-winning actors and filmmakers, as well as on-the-ground coverage of big-ticket events such as the Oscars (Academy Awards), Cannes Film Festival, Venice Biennale, Golden Globes and blockbuster red-carpet movie premieres.

Well-versed with multi-channel content development, digital media trends and visual storytelling, she brings 15 years of experience writing and editing news across genres, including entertainment, tech, lifestyle and food.

Genevieve was part of the founding team that started CNA Lifestyle – the lifestyle and entertainment unit of Channel NewsAsia – Singapore’s largest media company and national broadcaster.

For me curiosity is key. Watching and making films is a gift. It is a continuous exploration of the world and of us humans. And the journey never ends. There’s always plenty to discover and learn. My passion is fed by curiosity.”

Josune Hahnheiser is producer and Head of Development of Black Forest Films, a company for high-quality international feature films. The company’s portfolio covers a wide range of genres and budgets, and most of its films have premiered at major festivals such as Cannes and Venice. 

Recently, the hybrid film EAMI by Paz Encina won the Tiger Award of the Rotterdam Film Festival and the debut film A MALE by Fabian Hernández premiered at the prestigious Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. Furthermore, Black Forest Films is developing a Mini Series with Ufa Fiction and a feature film with Sony Pictures International Productions, among others. Josune Hahnheiser also works as a Script Consultant where she collaborates closely with the acclaimed writer/director Emily Atef (“Competition” Berlin Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard, 7 German Film Awards) with whom she also co-writes a screenplay for a feature film.




Sri Lanka

“Filmmaking is not about stunning visuals, a good editing rhythm or top notch acting by the actors. It’s about capturing the reality of society and the emotions of its people with utmost honesty.

Sri Lankan by birth, educated in India, Ilango graduated from National Institute of Technology, India as a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication and earned his credentials as a pilot at the Asian Aviation. An engineer by profession who has taken the road less traveled in pursuit of his dream of becoming a filmmaker, Ilango studied cinematography at the Rockport College – USA.

He was selected at Asian Film Academy, Korea where he showcased his talent and passion towards filmmaking. He was then selected to participate at Berlinale Talent Campus, Germany was yet another milestone in his journey. His learning path in USA, Korea & Berlin has given him a complete outlook in the industry and has helped him understand filmmaking in depth. He then continued his learning after returning to Sri Lanka, freelancing as a camera assistant with several Sri Lankan reputed cinematographers.

Ilango also taught filmmaking as a visiting lecturer in the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and as the Course Director at SLTTI (Sri Lanka Television Training Institute) Tamil department.

Ilango has been in the jury panel at the Colombo International Film Festival 2015 and at Agenda 14 Short Film Festival. In the year 2009, Ilango shifted gears to the world of advertising where he directed more than 450 Sri Lankan & International TV commercials. In his portfolio, he has directed TV commercials for high profile corporate brands.

Similarly, he has directed social awareness commercials and PSA videos for Unicef, Child Abuse awareness, Autism awareness, heart hospital project & cancer awareness campaigns. His commercials have won Reggie Candappa Award, Sumathi awards, Effie Awards and Government state award. His first short film, ‘Mouna Vizhiththuligal – Silent Tears (2014)’ has traveled to 28 International Film Festivals and has won 19 International Awards and was screened at Locarno Open Doors 2017.

He was selected and participated at the Rotterdam Lab 2018, in association with International Film Festival of Rotterdam, Netherland. His first feature project, ‘Scent Of A Dead Body’ was selected at the Film Bazaar Co-Production Market 2017, in association with International Film Festival of India & Clinik Kathmandu – Doc Skool , Kathmandu 2017.

His first feature film, ‘Nelum Kuluna (Tentigo)’, which is currently on post production was selected to participate at Film Bazaar Co-Production Market. It was also pitched at Asian Content and Film Market – Korea. He is working on the remake of the same in India with a prominent South Indian film production company. The second short film is ‘Dodana Keli’ in Sinhalese language. The film was selected as one among 10 scripts that was selected to be funded for production by Petra Films.

For me curiosity is key. Watching and making films is a gift. It is a continuous exploration of the world and of us  humans. And the journey never ends. There’s always plenty to discover and learn. My passion is fed by curiosity.”

“Do all jobs well and work with your heart.”

Ryan Taufik is a movie lover and he loves the aesthetic of watching movies in cinemas.

With 8 years of background as a general entertainment TV producer, he already made different types of programs such as Talk shows, Variety shows, Music shows and Reality shows. Now, as Head of Content Business in TransVision, he has curated many TV channels and different genres of VOD for the multi platforms for almost 9 years.

Watching European movies is one of his guilty pleasures because the cast and storytelling is unique and also interesting. His favourite movie director is Wong-Kar Wai, because every film he has made always has an interesting subject of storytelling and soundtrack.