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USD $2,ooo
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USD $5oo

Someone in the dark is sneakily watching her home alone the whole night.

Crime & Thriller
Thanh Que, Hoang Nhat Le, Uren To Huynh Le
Hung Tran
Hung Tran
Hung Tran
Director of Photography
Duy Khiem Phan
Art Director
Hung Tran

What Our Judges Say

Sarah Loh


Tackling thrillers as a short is incredibly difficult. And with the clever use shadows, uncomfortable close-ups, sound direction, jump scares and the unseen,  Inhuman manages to accomplish what many others with much bigger budgets and feature lengths cannot. ”

Genevieve is a veteran journalist and experienced media and communications specialist with a combined 18 years of experience in content creation – on both sides of the editorial/ PR and marketing fence.

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For me curiosity is key. Watching and making films is a gift. It is a continuous exploration of the world and of us humans. And the journey never ends. There’s always plenty to discover and learn. My passion is fed by curiosity.”

Josune Hahnheiser is producer and Head of Development of Black Forest Films, a company for high-quality international feature films. The company’s portfolio covers a wide range of genres and budgets, and most of its films have premiered at major festivals such as Cannes and Venice. 

Recently, the hybrid film EAMI by Paz Encina won the Tiger Award of the Rotterdam Film Festival and the debut film A MALE by Fabian Hernández premiered at the prestigious Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. Furthermore, Black Forest Films is developing a Mini Series with Ufa Fiction and a feature film with Sony Pictures International Productions, among others. Josune Hahnheiser also works as a Script Consultant where she collaborates closely with the acclaimed writer/director Emily Atef (“Competition” Berlin Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Un Certain Regard, 7 German Film Awards) with whom she also co-writes a screenplay for a feature film.




Sri Lanka

“Sometimes simple movies possess a remarkable power and a candidness that cuts to the core of human behavior. In its simplicity, the film manages to elicit laughter while unmasking the inherent hypocrisy that often lurks within us all. It is a stark reflection of our tendencies to espouse one thing while practicing another. Although the film delves into the realm of politics and their advertising campaigns, its message resonates far beyond the realm of politics, extending to all facets of our modern society, including the very industry that produces it – filmmaking. It exposes the depths to which individuals can descend in pursuit of their goals, often without due consideration or understanding of the repercussions on the opposing side of sensitive issues. It is a work that draws appreciation for its ability to lay bare uncomfortable truths and to do so with a refreshing sincerity.
The film “Cloud is Gone” presents a captivating cinematic journey that transcends mere storytelling. It transports the audience into a distinct world, allowing them to intimately share in the emotions of the main character for a mesmerizing 20 minutes. While personal grief is universally painful, this film stands out by ingeniously intertwining it with the evolving urban landscape, lending it profound political and societal relevance. The film’s capacity to provoke debate and discussion is a testament to its depth. The masterful utilization of camera angles and choreographed camera movements adds a layer of visual delight, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Complemented by minimalist yet realistic sound design, “Cloud is Gone” engages the senses on multiple levels. In essence, “Cloud is Gone” is an earnest endeavor that sets itself apart from the cinematic crowd. Its ability to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and deliver a visual and auditory feast positions it as a standout work in contemporary cinema. In cinematic terms, it’s Wong Kar Wai meets Andrei Tarkovsky!
“One of the solid production for a shortmovie. Started from the satyre and witty script, the execution, the acting department from all the cast especially Heni and also the ending really give a super twist. It really resonate with the people in Indonesia especially the one who lives in slum area if someone from legislative council visit them for a “campaign”. “

a very compact and profesional execution of short movie production. The cinematography is superb yet poetic for each of scenes. The use of different color capture the emotions on screen. The acting department also very good and the actors deliver the script very well.




A sister coming home with a bag of money doesn’t know her younger sister being murdered just a few minutes before and hidden under her bed. Someone in the dark is sneakily watching her home alone the whole night.